I am a senior student at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). I am also a member of Zhiyuan Honors Program of Engineering. You can find me at here.

My acadamic interests basically lie in Computer Graphics. Most of my work is related to physical based simulation of human hair, while a bunch of other topics remain attractive to me, including photo realistic rendering, deep learning in Computer Graphics and human pose estimation.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Sept. 2016 - Present

B.S in Computer Science

School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering & Zhiyuan College


Oct. 2019 - Present

Research Intern, Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA)

Internet Graphics Group, Mentor: Tiantian Liu

Here, I continue my research on hair simulation. We explore how to detect continuous inter-hair collision accurately and resolve hair collision using deep learning methods.

Selected Projects

Physical Based Hair Simulation (with Jianwei Jiang)

A hair simulator with movable camera and adjustable parameters. Hair was modeled with discrete elastic rod, and motion equation was solved with implicit-Euler method.


3D Hair Reconstruction from Single Image

A hourglass nerual network trained on self-made dataset. The network took 2-channel orientation map as input and predicted discrete hair position and curvature in 3D space.

[code] [dataset & pre-trained model] work followed: HairNet (ECCV 2018)

Simple Ray Tracer

My implementation of a ray tracing render. Reflection, Refraction and Phong are included.


LabelText: Scene Text Labeling Tool

This tool provided multiple operations, allowing user to label the text in images efficiently. An important feature is label tracking among frames. Implementation was based on PyQt5 and OpenCV.


Fun Stuff

Apart from my acadamic work, I have developed a few other interests over the years. I started to learn painting since age six and tried different painting forms, such as sketch, gesture drawing, watercolor and wall painting, etc. I am also a big fan of anime/comics/games. These interests give me the motivation for Computer Graphics research.

Besides, I have a lovely group of friends. We spend the Spring Festival together every year.